Providing excellent graph intelligence services for enterprises, accelerating the release of data asset value through associative mining.

Insight into Associated Data, Creating Infinite Possibilities

Providing excellent graph intelligence services for enterprises, accelerating the release of data asset value through associative mining.

Secure and robust, weaving the enterprise data internet, unleashing the innovation power of data interconnection

Domestically developed high-performance distributed graph database

Secure and robust, weaving the enterprise data internet, unleashing the innovation power of data interconnection

Galaxybase is available on Huawei Cloud Marketplace, providing cloud-native distributed database services to customers for easy deployment and elastic scalability

Galaxybase is available on Huawei Cloud Marketplace, providing cloud-native distributed database services to customers for easy deployment and elastic scalability

Product Advantages

Enterprise-level one-stop graph intelligence service platform

Global Data Fusion-galaxybase

Global Data Fusion

A new data paradigm that breaks enterprise data silos, interweaves cross-domain data connections, empowering deep three-dimensional business insights.

Real-time Business Analysis-galaxybase

Real-time Business Analysis

Next-generation HATP architecture enables online processing of trillion-scale data relationship queries, millisecond response times, supporting real-time intelligent decision-making.

Agile Business Innovation-galaxybase

Agile Business Innovation

Visual analytics platforms easily uncover hidden relationships, delve into customer 360 views, mitigate operational risks, and accelerate agile business iterations.

Secure, Stable, and Controllable-galaxybase

Secure, Stable, and Controllable

Independently developed with code-level control, offering financial-grade usability, reliability, and maintainability.

Customer Cases
Building a branch-level graph data platform cloud foundation, advancing into the deep waters of graph technology applications
Leveraging Galaxybase to construct a bank-wide graph platform, leading the innovation forefront in the banking industry
Galaxybase Graph Intelligence exposes group fraud, Credit Card Center digitizes to a new level
Solution Partners of Create Link
Shao Jian
Chairman & CEO of Liangzhi Technology
Shao Jian-galaxybase-客户证言
Create Link's native graph database, compared to other market graph databases like Neo4j, better meets the demands of large-scale data relationship analysis, effectively supporting industrial chain big data aggregation management and knowledge graph construction, providing cognitive decision support for digital governance of industrial chains, empowering the upgrade of intelligent decision-making in the industrial chain domain.
Zhang Jilin
General Manager of Yuejin Software
Zhang Jilin-galaxybase-客户证言
As a leader in domestic graph databases, Create Link's distributed native graph storage, high availability, and scalability capabilities, along with its self-developed visualization and multi-source data import functions, combined with strong graph computation and customization capabilities, align very well with RIKING's next-generation anti-money laundering risk control platform development needs, aiding both parties in achieving breakthroughs in anti-money laundering, data lineage analysis, customer intelligence analysis, and fraud transaction detection scenarios in the future.
Sun Hongwei
Vice President of Jinkelan Zhi
Sun Hongwei-galaxybase-客户证言
Knowledge graph visualization products often face challenges of data divergence and difficulty in presenting relationships intuitively. Galaxybase, a domestically developed high-performance graph platform, with its high scalability and graph computing capabilities, efficiently achieves large-scale data graphing, knowledge representation, and visualization, empowering intelligent development in the financial industry.
Mr. Zhou Li
Senior Architect at China Minsheng Bank
Mr. Zhou Li-galaxybase-客户证言
The deeper insights into data and more intelligent applications to drive business are essential means for commercial banks to achieve digital transformation. In this transformation process, graph analysis is seen as an effective technology that is increasingly being widely applied. Create Link's Galaxybase can adapt to massive data relationship analysis, provide transaction-oriented feature computation capabilities, and support various graph algorithm explorations.
Financial Digitization
'Financial Digitization' Magazine LLC
Financial Digitization-galaxybase-客户证言
As one of the core foundational technologies amidst the wave of financial technology innovation, graph computing technology, leveraging its unique advantages in the field of data analysis and processing, is playing an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of the financial sector.
Liu Xiaochun
Former President of Zhejiang Commercial Bank
Liu Xiaochun-galaxybase-客户证言
Create Link's Galaxybase intelligent risk control solution, based on independently developed distributed parallel graph technology, has established an intelligent risk control decision system that centralizes risk management, shares information, and connects systems, assisting financial institutions in strengthening risk warning and anti-fraud identification capabilities.
Bank of Communications
State-owned Credit Card Center
Bank of Communications-galaxybase-客户证言
After the launch of the Galaxybase graph database system, Bank of Communications saw a significant improvement in the efficiency of credit card approval processes, greatly reducing the cost of manual review and effectively identifying fraudulent amounts reaching tens of millions.
Professor Yang Chunling
Zhejiang University
Professor Yang Chunling-galaxybase-客户证言
Galaxybase graph database, from a user experience perspective, is easy to install, with detailed reference documentation, supports a variety of algorithms, provides fast query response speeds, and is particularly suitable for cybersecurity scenarios.
Professor Chen Wenliang
Suzhou University
Professor Chen Wenliang-galaxybase-客户证言
Galaxybase graph database excels in storage and query performance for knowledge graphs. For colleagues in the vast field of databases, the release of the free version of Galaxybase can lower the technical application threshold, open up learning paths, and provide assistance for breaking barriers in the widespread application of graph databases.
Professor Pang Jinhui
School of Computer Science, Beijing Institute of Technology
Professor Pang Jinhui-galaxybase-客户证言
The free version of Galaxybase offers a richer development structure, comprehensive features, breaks down technological barriers, and provides excellent technical support and research foundation for knowledge graph projects in universities.
100+ 应用场景适用Galaxybase图数据库

100+ application scenarios applicable to Galaxybase graph database

Innovation and Service

Create Link continuously pursues technological innovation and breakthroughs, deeply committed to customer success.

Academic-Industry Collaboration-galaxybase
Academic-Industry Collaboration
Established joint laboratories with top universities such as The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, etc., continuously breaking new ground in cutting-edge technologies like graph neural network computation, temporal graph processing, distributed native graph storage.
Rich Core Banking Technology Implementation Experience-galaxybase
Rich Core Banking Technology Implementation Experience
Providing financial-grade high elasticity and high availability, offering enterprise customers secure, reliable, comprehensive, and excellent performance distributed graph database capabilities and service support.
Technical Training and Consulting Services-galaxybase
Technical Training and Consulting Services
Offering a comprehensive product and technical training system, as well as consulting services for implementing graph applications, accompanying users throughout their growth journey.


We adhere to a steadfast policy of transparency, simplicity, fairness, and impartiality with our partners, fostering open collaboration, sharing benefits, and jointly creating a healthy ecosystem.

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