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Java Development Engineer



3-5 years of experience

Bachelor's degree

Job Description

Backend Engineer
Experience in developing distributed systems
Graph database
Graph algorithms


Responsible for the development and partial testing of graph databases at the client side (bank), stationed internally at the bank

Responsible for writing technical documentation.

Actively explore cutting-edge technologies and apply them to the team and products to solve technical challenges in system development.

Maintain effective communication with clients and developers, resolve client issues, and participate in the usage and maintenance of graph databases.


Verifiable academic credentials, full-time Bachelor's degree or higher, with over three years of Java development experience and relevant experience in the financial sector (mandatory requirement).

Proficient in Java programming language, familiar with common design patterns, solid coding foundation, strong ability in code reading, analysis, and design.

Solid professional knowledge, familiarity with data structures, operating systems, computer networks, database systems, and related fields

Good habits in unit testing and integration testing coding; strong learning ability and good teamwork and communication skills.

Proficient in common commands under Linux.

Create Link is the first domestic commercial graph database supplier with fully independent intellectual property rights, dedicated to providing world-class graph database products and graph intelligence services.

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